Altogether, 12 new communities from Cahul and Ungheni joined officially EVA Project — Strengthened Gender Action in Cahul and Ungheni districts, funded by European Union and implemented by UN Women Moldova in partnership with UNICEF.

During the partnership extension event, Memorandums of Cooperation were officially signed with local public authorities from Pelinei, Cucoara, Alexanderfeld, Vadul lui Isac, Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Baurci-Moldoveni from Cahul district and Cornești village, Cornești rown, Costuleni, Sculeni, Teșcureni, Valea Mare from Ungheni district. The mayors of these settlements, future gender equality champions, received sets of IT equipment consisting of a laptop, a docking station to connect to large monitors, a monitor, a printer with scanner, a projector, a mobile tripod projection screen, as well the needed accessories for the good operation of institutions.

A series of new partnership agreements were also signed with the civil society, including Terre des Hommes (TdH), Center Partnership for Development (CPD), Association of Independent Press (API), Child, Community, Family (CCF) and National Centre for Training, Assistance, Counselling and Education in Moldova (CNFACEM) and 9 small grant agreements were concluded with local civil society organisations from Cahul and Ungheni districts in order to increase their institutional capacity in promoting gender equality. Also, local initiatives for partner LPAs were announced for gender equality promotion and women empowerment in Cahul and Ungheni districts.