During 29-31 October 2020, the East Europe Foundation organized a training workshop with the aim of strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to identify and document cases of discrimination.

The workshop was organized within the Project “Advocacy for Better Protection Against Discrimination”, funded by the European Union, co-financed by Swedish government and implemented by the East Europe Foundation in partnership with the “Partnership for Development” Center.

During the workshop, the participants had a chance to discuss the aspects of the concept of discrimination set out in the national legislation, barriers and challenges faced by various victims of discrimination. Besides, the participants gained skills in identifying different forms of discrimination, drafting complaints and training victims of discrimination on filing complaints with the Council for Preventing and Eliminating Discrimination and Ensuring Equality or with the courts.
The workshop agenda was split up into 3 modules, one day dedicated for each.
Thus, Module I included presentation of the key concepts specific to the area of non-discrimination, in particular the concepts and forms of discrimination, as well as the causes leading to discrimination. This module also included practical exercises to identify the form of discrimination.
Module II focused on informing the participants on the provisions of the law on granting equality, especially, on the specific areas of application, duties, competences, including national subjects having duties on ensuring non-discrimination, and explaining their roles. The issues related to documentation of the cases of discrimination and the burden of proof in discrimination disputes, the procedure of examining complaints before the Council for Preventing and Eliminating Discrimination and Ensuring Equality (advantages and disadvantages were highlighted as well).
Module III was a practical one and allowed the participants to practice on the grounds of a discrimination case subject to a dispute. Besides, a virtual visit to the Council for Preventing and Eliminating Discrimination and Ensuring Equality was organised as part of this module. The Chairman of the Council, Mr. Ian Feldman spoke to the participants about the mission and work of the Council, while the participants had the opportunity to ask questions. Mr. Feldman completed his presentation with a message encouraging participants to lodge complaints with the council to claim their rights.