30 civil society organisations, in partnership with local authorities, will create and develop social services for people from vulnerable groups in the next two years. The organisations were awarded grants under the project “Civil Society Organisations Act for Better Social Services”. The results of the first round of the Grantas Programme within this project were announced in Cahul on 3 December 2021.

From the grants received, the organisations will create five-day care centres for children and two temporary placement centres for children at risk; will create and expand early intervention services and the use of alternative therapies for children with disabilities; will develop three mobile team services for children and adults; and, for the first time ever, child protection specialists will work in four communes of Ungheni district. Also, they will open a social laundry service in Glodeni and a placement centre for homeless people in Bender, diversify activities in existing day care centres for the elderly, and expand at-home medical care services in four districts in the north of the country.

The project will provide support to partner organisations in order to ensure quality and sustainability of the developed services.

“The European Union considers that civil society, an essential pillar of a democratic system, is a reliable partner in carrying out reforms. Through the support provided to local civil society organisations, providers of social services, we contribute to community development and to the improvement of the quality of life of vulnerable people,”

said Jānis Mažeiks, Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova.

The project “Civil Society Organisations Act for Better Social Services” runs for 42 months, has a total budget of 3,375,000 EUR and is financed by the European Union, co-financed and implemented by Soros Foundation Moldova, in partnership with the public associations Keystone Moldova and Institutum Virtutes Civilis. In total, within the framework of this project, grants will be awarded to 40 organisations. The next 10 organisations that will receive funding to create social services will be selected in early 2022.