The months of September and October were full of festive events shared by the Moldovan civil society organizations benefiting from the European Union (EU) Local Grants Programme. The 76 organizations were handed over their grant certificates during the events held on 11 and 22 September in Chisinau, on 21 September in Comrat, and on 23 September in Balti. All these events could be found on

Photo: grants awarding – ATU Gagauz Yeri

The last grant award ceremony took place on 15 October 2020 in Cahul. The total amount of EU grants for the Southern Development Region is around EUR 513,000, with local contributions of around EUR 107,000.
In the coming months, the grant beneficiaries will implement in their localities, a series of projects aimed at empowering citizens through active and constructive participation in local decision-making processes related to sustainable development and public service infrastructure in local communities.

Photo: grants awarding – ATU Gagauz Yeri Photo: Tracking on bicycles the European money invested in Cahul rayon,

The association “Cahul 2030”, for example, pursues the aim to inform the population as well as the EU Member States on the results of EU investments, on improving living conditions of the inhabitants of Cahul rayon. Thus, during 15 days, the three young persons travelled across the Cahul rayon, collecting video material, laid in foundation of a cycle of reports about their homeland, European investments and how these have changed the lives of the citizens.

Subsequently launched call will be the second call for proposals for the EU-funded Local Grant Programme in all of the 4 development regions as well as for media projects; the total amount of grants worth EUR 650.000.