On the occasion of Europe Day 2021, the social media followers the of the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova were invited to take part in a photo contest. The competition titled “A photo about Team Europe / European Union Assistance in my community!” encouraged people to share online pictures and talk about EU-funded projects and infrastructure while explaining how their community has changed for the better. Hence, the ultimate goal was to illustrate the EU assistance offered to the Republic of Moldova via the lens of its beneficiaries. The citizens and communities, which benefited of the EU assistance, were encouraged to find a place, institution, business, organisation or infrastructure object in their community that benefited from the support of the European Union or one of the EU Member States.

The participation rules were simple to complete, namely taking a photo and/or a selfie that demonstrated the support provided and then posting the pictures on any social network with the hashtags #EuropeDay2021, #TeamEurope, #EUforMyCommunity, etc.

As a results of the contest, all participants registered for a raffle and received prizes during August 2021.

The assistance of the European Union and the EU Member States, as Team Europe, offered to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, is present in all the regions of the country. Renovated kindergartens and schools, launched local businesses, renovated hospitals, better social services, opportunities for students through educational and mobility programs and assistance to many other areas are just some of the examples of the EU and Team Europe support. All works will be soon available, via a short video, on the Europe Day in Moldova Facebook page.