In 2021, horticulturists have made significant investments to streamline their work, to increase productivity and improve the quality of products delivered to the domestic and foreign markets. Thus, since the beginning of this year, 82 beneficiaries from all over the country have received 84 loans, with an allocation of 12.6 million EUR, within the Livada Moldovei project, supported by the European Union through the European Investment Bank.

Most of the loans, 40.4%, went to apple producers. Table-grape producers received 22.6% of this year’s total amount of loans, and plum producers – 11.9% of loans.

The most important investments were made for the production, processing and preservation of apples, receiving 34 loans with a total amount of 5,442,507 EUR. Table grape producers received 19 loans with a total value of 2,014,244 EUR. In addition, two investment projects in beekeeping amounted to 1,172,513 EUR.

The lending map indicates that investments have been made in all corners of the country. The record is held by Briceni district, with 9 investment projects, 8 of which were oriented towards apple orchards. Next comes the rayon of Straseni with 7 investment projects in apiculture, apple and plum orchards, as well as in the production of table grapes. In Ialoveni district, 6 loans were accessed in 2021 within the Livada Moldovei project, and in Anenii Noi, Causeni, Edinet and Ocnita districts – 5 loans each.

As hailstorm is a major risk for horticulture, 20 investment projects have been aimed precisely at procuring and installing hail protection systems. In order to avoid losses and to extend the shelf life of fruit and vegetables, 16 beneficiaries received loans for the installation of cold storages. Due to funding provided by the European Union through the European Investment Bank, 11 horticulturists purchased irrigation systems, 7 invested in electric forklifts, 7 in orchard planting and 4 in the installation of photovoltaic panels, which allow producers to reduce electricity costs. Financial resources were also invested in fruit and vegetable drying facilities, raw materials sorting and processing lines and waste-water treatment plants.

Last year, the Livada Moldovei credit line financed projects worth 17.1 million EUR for 100 horticulturists across the country. At the same time, 6.6 million EUR was invested in horticultural laboratories and education.

Livada Moldovei is a 120 million EUR credit line that supports activities across the entire agri-food value chain, from farmer training to harvesting. The programme is funded by the European Union through the European Investment Bank.

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