The INFONET Alliance presented, in a press conference held on 26 November 2020, the results of the Analysis of Police Stations Accessibility.

In this regard, 60 police stations, randomly selected from rural and urban areas covering all districts of the country, including ATU of Găgăuzia, Bălţi and Chișinău were examined during August – October 2020 to establish their level of accessibility.

Among the 60 buildings assessed, 1 police station has been rated as “accessible” (1.67%), 33 – as “partially accessible” (55%), 24 – as “inaccessible” (40%) and 2 are still in the process of construction / renovation (3.33%).

At the same time, of the 33 police stations rated as “partially accessible”, 25 have been renovated with the support of the European Union. Only the lack of a few conditions such as access roads to the surrounding buildings and parking lots, small barriers or lack of a toilet inside the building prevented them from being rated as “accessible”.

The detailed results of the Study can found by accessing the link: It should be noted that the Study has been developed within the project carried out by the INFONET Alliance, following the sub-grant offered by the Promo-LEX Association within the project “Civic Monitoring of Police Reform in the Republic of Moldova”, implemented with the financial support of the European Union.