Campanie de informare în scopul prevenirii torturii

To raise public awareness of inadmissibility of torture and to develop public intolerance to this phenomenon in Moldova, the Institute for Democracy organized an information campaign in the national and regional media.

The TV and Radio shows were dedicated to counteracting torture and describing the project, the activities implemented, and methods of countering torture.

The increased number of calls proved that the TV and Radio shows were popular, they were watched by a large number of residents.

These TV broadcasts are also posted on Facebook, YouTube, and other online resources, which expands the number of potential viewers.

In addition, this information campaign was also held in printed media (national and regional ones), as well as on a number of online portals.

These radio and TV shows were very popular with the public; they caused great interest among the TV and radio audience, since the topic of combating torture discussed in them was useful to many residents of Moldova, and the broadcasts and articles included the ways of countering this phenomenon. The residents of Moldova have learned what could be done if they become victims of torture or ill-treatment, and where they could address to protect their rights.

Campanie de informare în scopul prevenirii torturii