To have an impact on strengthening the rule of law in the Republic of Moldova, it’s necessary to identify all the forces and unite them around the same goal. This is why, since 2018 Center for Innovation and Policies in Moldova (CIPM) has initiated the creation of a National Network for Legal Education formed by judges, prosecutors, anticorruption officers, lawyers, professors and civil society representatives in order to promote the rule of law and culture of lawfulness in the Republic of Moldova.

On 24th of January 2020 CIPM organized a national conference “Involving policemen in seeding respect for rule of law among the young generation” with the financial support of the European Union and Promo-LEX Association.

Within the conference, Steven Daniels – representative of the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova, Corneliu Popovici – Minister of Education, Culture and Research, Cristi Danilet – Judge and Initiator of the Legal Education Project, Ion Manole – Executive Director of Promo-LEX, Sergiu Golovaci – State Secretary of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Alina Ursu – representative of General Police Inspectorate  and Ion Pruteanu – representative of the National Anticorruption Center have welcomed 20 policemen that joined the National Network of Legal Education and encouraged them to spread the rule of law among the young people by equipping them with the appropriate legal knowledge, values, attitudes, and behaviours they need to contribute to the continued improvement and regeneration of the rule of law in the Moldovan society more broadly.