His passion for Artificial Intelligence has brought him new relations, international appreciation, but also a 2,000 USD prize. Our hero is Dorin Sas, the only teacher in Moldova to participate in the competition called “Intel AI Global Impact Festival”. The teacher at “Mihai Eminescu” High School in Slobozia Mare (Cahul region) achieved his success after taking the Artificial Intelligence course as part of a teacher training program implemented in the southern region within Tekwill in Every School, part of the EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul project. Dorin Sas competed in this famous contest with 234 teachers from 20 countries around the world. To gain internationally appreciated competences, the teacher had studied Artificial Intelligence intensively for 2 months. This allowed him to develop programs for easier grading of students.

“My project for the contest was a program where I input an English text using an edit box, then I press a button and the program generates a final grade for me. I was selected for an interview with coordinators from INTEL and, in the end, I made it to the competition finals. This award is an impulse not to stop here but to continue my studies”,

said Dorin Sas.

In addition to the award, his effort and passion also brought Dorin Sas the title of Innovative Professor in the southern region of the country and made him ambassador of the EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul project. Since September 2021, Professor Dorin Sas has been teaching 4 optional subjects: Artificial Intelligence, C/CC+ Algorithm Programming, Web Design and Development, and Mobile Applications. That way he is helping children develop skills according to the current needs of the labor market. Due to the partnership between INTEL and Tekwill in Every School, approximately 330 Moldovan students are taking the Artificial Intelligence course. One year after its launch, the subjects of the future are taught in 38 schools in Cahul, Leova, Taraclia and Cantemir – the regions that have joined the Tekwill in Every School program. The purpose of the project is to train a workforce prepared for the challenges of the future.