In the context of the National Day of Police, the Promo-LEX Association, in partnership with the General Inspectorate of Police, launched an information campaign dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the National Police and the 4th year of implementation of the 2016-2020 Police Development Strategy.

To mark this milestone, several information activities have been carried out throughout the country between 18-31 December 2020.

This information campaign aimed at producing and promoting a comprehensive two-part video report, which reflects the evolution and achievements of the Police 30 years after its creation. Additionally, the campaign emphasised the objectives of the Reform. Current progress has been compared to the results obtained in the previous periods of Police development, outlining the problems it faced in the past and how these issues have been addressed through the implementation of the Police Reform.

At the same time, dozens of billboards have been placed throughout the country to highlight some of the main achievements of Police Reform.

Promotional materials, such as reflective keychains, pens and car air fresheners with messages promoting objectives or achievements within the Police Development Strategy have been produced and will be distributed by Police employees as part of the promotional campaign.

Furthermore, the main objective of the Police Reform is to develop a professional and efficient police service, which exercises its duties in the interest of the citizen and the community, ensuring respect for the law, fundamental human rights and freedoms, as well as legal and social protection of Police employees.

The information campaign was carried out within the project “Civic Monitoring of Police Reform in the Republic of Moldova”, implemented by the Promo-LEX Association with the financial support of the European Union.