On 4 November 2020, construction works for European Union (EU) funded projects were launched in the town of Leova. The South Development Region benefits of 5 water supply and sanitation measures (WSS) and 2 energy efficiency projects, namely the Theoretical Lyceum “Constantin Spătaru” in Leova and the Theoretical Lyceum “Matei Basarab” in Basarabeasca. The construction works will be completed by the end of 2021.

The construction works for the above-mentioned projects will include a series of modernisation measures. Thus, energy efficiency will include the repairing of the roof, insulation of the buildings’ walls, replacement of windows, rehabilitation of the heating system, provision of hot and cold tap water in schools, and renovation of the sanitary facilities.

The total value of the energy efficiency project for “Constantin Spătaru” Lyceum in Leova is MDL 53 million, and the energy efficiency project for “Matei Basarab” Lyceum in Basarabeasca amounts to 19.9 million lei. The total number of beneficiaries in  the two lyceums amounts to 1 000 people, including students, teachers and auxiliary employees.

At the same time, the construction of the sanitation system in the town of Leova will include 13.5 km of pipes to which over 690 individual households will be connected. And the localities of Iargara, Cupcui, Filipeni and Romanovca will benefit from the construction of a 99 km water supply network, which will modernise the infrastructure of water supply services, increase the connection rate and access of the local population to quality drinking water, thus contributing to improving living conditions.

The total investments regarding the water supply and sanitation is about 138.5 million lei, of which MDL 125 million are provided by the EU and MDL 13.5 million are covered from local contribution. Approximately 12 000 inhabitants of the Leova town and the localities of Iargara, Cupcui, Filipeni and Romanovca will benefit from water and sanitation measures.

Subsequently, the citizens in the south also benefit from activities implemented through non-governmental organisations aimed at ensuring the sustainability of infrastructure investments financed by the European Union. As a result of a grant awarded within the Action financed by the European Union “Citizens’ Empowerment in the Republic of Moldova”, a Centre for Resources and Environment for the town of Leova will be created within “Constantin Spătaru” Lyceum. The main goal of the Centre will consist in the promotion and encouragement of using modern technologies related to energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. Also, construction works are underway for the Lyceum yard where an “Energy Efficiency Alley” will be set up and will present students with modern equipment and technologies such as information materials on energy efficiency, photovoltaic panel with USB sockets, garden lanterns with lighting source integrated within photovoltaic panel and batteries, as well as two tables with benches for resting. In total, 15 local initiatives have been received for the South region during the first call for proposals of the EU Local Grants Program. The initiatives are under implementation and aim to empower citizens through active and constructive participation in local decision-making processes on sustainable development and service infrastructure within their communities.