During the month of March, more than one hundred citizens from four districts of the country attended consultations in order to develop action plans on civic involvement in promoting good governance at local level. They were urged to encourage people from their localities to get actively involved in public consultations on decisions that could impact their standard of living.

In Rezina, the vice president of the district, Aurelia Grigoriță, encouraged the participants to be active and to generate as many ideas as possible for future projects for the development of localities. Ialoveni District President Mihail Silistraru n oted that he was convinced that the local public administration and the whole community would benefit from good cooperation with citizens, while Strășeni District Vice-President Liliana Rusnac stated that the administration was open for the district budgets to be „participatory”, i.e. taking into account the wishes and needs of local residents.

The coordinator of the AO Institutum Virtutes Civilis training programmes, Carolina Buzdugan, urged the participants to ensure that local public authorities are transparent. „Only in this manner you are able to contribute in a practical way to the development of the public policies that meet your needs and those of your locality, to have access to quality services, and if these are not available, by engaging and promoting good governance, you can ensure that such services can be developed in your locality”, explained Carolina Buzdugan.

Raisa Railean is a former local councillor in the village of Tirșiței, Telenesti district. Even today, when she has retired, she is actively involved in the development of the locality through an initiative group. „I have been convinced all my years as a local councillor of the fact that good ideas only succeed when there exists a close cooperation between the administration and the citizens”, stated Raisa Railean.

The workshops organised in Rezina, Straseni, Telenesti and Ialoveni represent a continuation of two trainings on good governance previously organised for representatives of public associations, local action and initiative groups. The participants are to submit their plans for public debate to ensure the continuity of the ideas they worked on in the practical workshops.

The trainings organised this week are part of the project „Partnerships for Women’s Leadership and Good Governance”, implemented by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Moldova and the AO „Institutum Virtutes Civilis” with the financial support of the European Union and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.