Art and culture help building a more inspired and creative society and it builds bridges between people regardless of where they are located. On the occasion of Europe Day 2021, a contest-exhibition of contemporary art in sculpture for young people and students was launched. As a result of the call, 27 creative mock-ups were gathered, reflecting the topic “EU – Moldova: Stronger together.”

All art works were carefully analysed by a special Jury, comprising four experts in the field of arts and sculpture, formed with the support of the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts (AMTAP).

First place, Valentin Bostan (AMTAP)

Top five most creative mock-ups were awarded special prizes in August for their creativity, originality and innovative approach to support their sculpture pathway, whereas the remaining participants were awarded appreciative diplomas and give-aways for their efforts.

Moreover, the public is invited for a breath of inspiration and creativity at Europe Café in Chisinau, where all mock-ups will be exhibited, as of 23 August 2021 by registering to facilitate the flow of visitors. Europe Cafe is also the place to find out more about the European Union’s support and assistance!

Second place, Constantin Marcu (AMTAP)

Third place, Valentina Josu (AMTAP)

Fourth place, Ion Cataraga (AMTAP)

Fifth place, Gheorghe Urechi (AMTAP)