Discussion and getting answers to this and other related questions took place on 29 October within the Workshop on the National Environmental Funds for Promoting Green Investments, organised within EU4Environment.

The representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of the Republic of Moldova attend the Workshop on the National Environmental Funds (hereinafter – NEF) for Promoting Green Investments: Lessons from the Polish National Fund for Environmental Protection and possible implications for Moldova, organised within EU4Environment.
The workshop was organized to provide MARDE methodological support in the current process of improving the management of the National Ecological Fund based on existing best practices, adjusting the administrative structure of the Ministry for NEF management, reviewing the operational system, evaluating and monitoring projects and attracting of external funds for environmental protection and green infrastructure projects in the Republic of Moldova.
The Workshop was attended by the State Secretary for Environmental Protection, MARDE, representatives from: Environmental Project Management Service, Development Funds Service, Legal Section, Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assessment Policy Division, local expert for FEN from EU4Environment / OECD, OECD representatives and the Polish Expert, EU4Environment national coordinator in Moldova.

The following were the key questions discussed:
Institutional set-up:

  1. How can the legal framework better support the NEF so that it could operate efficiently and effectively?
  2. How could we avoid the regulatory capture?
  3. What is the first priority change in the institutional set-up that would allow the NEF to operate efficiently and effectively?
  4. How could we de facto improve control and transparency of the NEF?
  5. How could we ensure sufficiently long planning horizons?

Financial issues:

  1. On the expenditure side: How to broadenthe variety of financial instruments to meet the needs of recipients adequately?
  2. How can we ensure expenditure is in line with (multi)annual budgets?
  3. On the revenue side: Does Moldova need new revenue-raising instruments to feed the Fund, and if so, which ones to use?

Administrative capacity:

  1. How can we attract additional qualified and professional staff for managing the NEF?
  2. How can we de facto monitor control and transparency of the NEF? (same question as under institutional set-up, with to be answered from a different angle)
  3. How much money, in specific amounts, could we estimate as needed to allow for adequate administrative capacity by year 2025 (including training/ capacitybuilding, number of staff members)?