The need to create the studio arose in response of the Feşteliţa community to the European Union’s initiative to become actively involved in preventing the spread of COVID-19, through the Energy Efficiency Project. The studio was equipped with high-performance sewing and embroidery machines, with fabrics and other materials necessary for specific work in the field of tailoring and reconditioning of different materials and things.

Currently, the main activity carried out in the creative workshop is the sewing of protective masks for the community.
The workshop is available to the whole community, especially to the high school students, so the technological education classes, but also the extra-curricular ones will take place inside it, the students will benefit from specialized trainings in the field of clothing design, but also other creative fields. It is also important that through the active involvement of students in the activities of the workshop, it will increase their social responsibility for environmental protection by practicing recycling activities, as an objective pursued by the Energy Efficiency Project.

Photo: Mayor of Festelita

The workshop is part of the project “Creating the center of excellence by piloting energy efficiency technologies and demonstration sources of renewable energy in the village of Feşteliţa”, funded by the European Union through the EU programme “Covenant of Mayors – Demonstration Projects” (CoM-DeP).