„EdTech Moldova” Forum is the most important event in the field of education in the South of the country and it was organised in Cahul on 24 May. The event provided incomparable experiences for participants in the field of education, reflecting the digitalization of the learning process and the training of specialists for the professions of the future. Coming from thousands of kilometres away, international experts shared with the guests of the event – over 500 managers of educational institutions, teachers, entrepreneurs, students – the best practices that could be implemented in our country. The „EdTech Moldova Forum” was organised by the „Tekwill in Every School” programme in the Southern region, component of „EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul” project, implemented by ATIC, with the financial assistance of the European Union, in partnership with Sweden.

“This event demonstrates how you participate in and guide the development of education and the educational process in general. The development of teaching and learning methods is not only an evolution of current education, but also involves many opportunities for social development as a whole. This means that young people are taking over the power to influence the future, and this means better paid jobs and the creation of a society that we all want. Through the EU4Moldova project: Startup City Cahul, Sweden, in partnership with the European Union, is funding this initiative and we are extremely proud to be able to contribute to the development of innovative digital solutions and teaching methods in schools. The use of technology in the educational process provides flexibility and new perspectives, and we need it – now and in the future.”,

said Catarina Nilsson, Program Manager, Embassy of Sweden in the Republic of Moldova.

“In the 21st century, when we ask ourselves what is the role of education and no matter what direction we move, we realize that what we learned many years ago is changing and is constantly progressing. The professions of the future are less well known today, and informational technology is increasingly taking its place in the professions we are trying to embrace. In 2018, we aimed to create an agenda, including digital technologies that can be studied from school. Together with our development partners, we have tried to unify our strengths in order to provide programmes that improve and innovate schools. Starting next year, the „Tekwill in Every School” project will be implemented in 333 schools, and in a few years, we will be able to train approximately 100,000 students to direct into IT or other related professions.”, added Ana Chirița, Director of Strategic Projects, ATIC.

The „EdTech Moldova” Forum discussed the latest trends and perspectives in the development of education in schools, with a focus on directions, methodologies and strategies for digital transformation, to teach the skills needed for innovation.

The event highlighted how authorities and all those involved in education can influence the digital transformation of education in educational institutions through the implementation of innovative teaching-learning tools and international experience, the use of TECH devices and technologies in education and innovative training methodologies. teaching extracurricular subjects. The event also hosted a number of hands-on workshops to introduce tools and new technologies, such as: Intel Skills for Teachers, Intel 4 Youth, AR / VR, Robo Maker, Smart Lab, OECD Learning Compass. They discussed the skills of the future, how Artificial Intelligence influences future jobs, and how Moldova plans to develop students’ innovation skills.