The table grape production sector is a promising one for the Republic of Moldova. Proof of the development of this sector is the large number of beneficiaries who received financing under the Livada Moldovei Project financed by the European Investment Bank. Out of the total number of 189 beneficiaries financed in the period 2016-2020, about 34 are table grape producers, and the total value of the financing was 5.2 million EUR. One of these beneficiaries is the company DELACOS-GRUP SRL, from Costești village, Ialoveni district, managed by Mrs. Olesea Mereacre.

The Mereacre family (Ion and Olesea Mereacre) has been active for more than 10 years in the field of growing table grapes and fruits (plums, apricots and cherries), accumulating extensive experience in this production segment. The company processes a total of about 41 ha of agricultural land, planted with table grapes (23 ha), plums (4 ha), apricots (7 ha) and cherries (7 ha).
In 2020, the company decided to modernise the table grapes plantation by applying the Pergola system, which gives a higher yield, but also reduces the risks of frost and drought. The need to switch to the Pergola type production system was caused by the recent increase of incidences of spring frosts and drought spells.

With the support of “Alternative Internaționale de Dezvoltare”, one of the business development service providers contracted by the Technical Assistance to the Fruit Garden of Moldova Project, the business plan was developed to attract financial resources provided by the European Investment Bank. The partner bank in the case of Olesea Mereacre was Moldova-Agroindbank, through which a loan in the amount of over 490 000 EUR was obtained for a period of 8 years.

The loan was used for investments in the support system such as concrete pillars, accessories and galvanised wire. At the same time, the irrigation system for the Pergola vineyard was installed. The water source for the basin is captured precipitation as well as water from the Botna river which is 2 km away. From the loan amount, also a tractor for vineyards and orchards was purchased and the works for the construction of a power line to the plantation were executed (with a length of about 1 km). The total investments will be completed by the autumn of 2021, when the construction of a basin for capturing and storing water for irrigation will be finished.
The beneficiary said that the EIB financed loan came at the right time, resulting from the company’s need to adapt to market requirements as well as to be prepared for the climate changes increasingly visible from year to year.
In this context, we can mention that at the end of August 2021 a study visit to Germany is planned for Moldovan table grape producers, during which they will interact with OGA OGV, one of the largest fruit distributors in Germany. The study visit is organized by the Association of Fruit Producers and Exporters „Moldova Fruct” with the support of the Technical Assistance Project for the Fruit Garden of Moldova Project.


Photo: Olesea Mereacre uses a modern orchard tractor