The two-year EU-funded Twinning project Enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the Vocational Education and Training system in the Republic of Moldova started on 1 March 2019 and received a donation of high-performance equipment, as well. in May 2021. During January-February altogether seven training weeks were successfully conducted online using the Zoom-platform.

Within the Project’s component – Pedagogical training to VET teachers of Centres of Excellence is delivered in order to become multipliers and in particular, the objective was to enhance competences in digital assessment, digital materials, e-learning platform and e-learning website.

The most important aspects underlined are as follows:

  • DigCompEdu, or the digital competences of attending educators have improved remarkably. The website and blog development are going strong including the use of open sources for education purposes and assessing digital competences with Check-in Self Reflection Tool
  • Website Centres of Excellence in VET and Alexei Mateevici college have created digital learning materials for Moldova’s VET sector with a guidance of Twining STE’s. The website is a material and information repository and is publicly open platform to visit and use. The significance and effectivity for digitalizing and supporting Moldovan VET sector is remarkable.