The „EU for Rural Moldova” communication campaign, launched in July 2020, is an initiative designed to reflect the results and changes achieved in rural areas, as well as to present the current opportunities offered by the European Union for the development of rural areas in the Republic of Moldova. Thus, the series of „LIVE din Casa Mare” events is currently underway, bringing together in an interactive dialogue the beneficiaries of the EU assistance, as well as the representatives of the Moldovan public authorities and other development partners.

„LIVE din Casa Mare” online events are organised in all regions of the country, in the localities that are members of the Local Action Groups initiative which has also benefited of the financial support of the European Union. So far, the „EU for Rural Moldova” campaign has been present in the following localities: Maramonovca, Chiscareni, Copceac, Bascalia, Naslavcea, Hasnasenii Mari and Cazaclia.

Photo: Aliona Rusu, beneficiary of the LAG 33 de Vaduri

During the Live din Casa Mare events are presented in detail the EU support for rural areas in mitigating the socio-economic impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the areas of the EU assistance and sectoral projects launched across the country are presented in detail. In addition to this, national success stories in modernising rural areas in the Republic of Moldova with the support of the European Union are showcased presented to the public.
The communication campaign is also aiming at promoting the current EU assistance projects in the following areas:

• Local development projects by means of the LEADER approach and Local Action Groups;
• Projects to support the SME sector and create jobs in rural areas;
• Modernization of Local Public Services in the Republic of Moldova: Projects – water supply and sanitation, energy efficiency, solid waste management.

The „EU for Rural Moldova” communication campaign tends to respond to the information needs of the population. The initiative implies setting up a spectrum of activities, in order to bring practical information to the public and to all of the interested groups.