Between 6 and 10 September 2021, the project „Edinet – insights into tomorrow cities”, funded by the European Union, organised a study visit in Alba Iulia, which is the implementation partner of the project, but also in Piatra-Neamț municipality, Cugir city with which Edineț municipality has established collaboration. The visit was attended by members of the Smart Urban Task Force (SUTF), local councilors, civil servants from Edineț City Hall and the project implementation team. The visit aimed to study the experience of European Union cities in planning and implementing smart urban development in the areas of e-government, urban transport, public lighting, waste management, water supply, collaboration with the private sector and education.

The delegation from Edinet municipality met with experts from the mayoralties of the visited cities and public service operators, who shared their experience in attracting EU funds for smart urban modernisation of the municipality – public lighting, streets management, access roads, public transport with ultra-smart waiting stations, electric vehicle charging stations, etc. Environmental protection, management of green areas in a sustainable way, expansion of green areas is among the most important principles applied in the implementation of urban infrastructure modernization projects in Piatra Neamț. The Intercommunity Association „Alba Water Association”, the regional operator for managing the water supply and sanitation system in Alba Iulia County came up with recommendations on what should be the investment priorities for improving the water supply system in Edinet municipality.

Smart solutions implemented by Alba Iulia municipality in the field of waste management, urban transport and micro mobility, in educational institutions and energy efficiency were also visited. A masterpiece of Alba Iulia is the Carolina-Alba Fortress, which turns out to be even more beautiful at night, thanks to the intelligent architectural lighting. Here, the street lighting, the pedestrian street lighting and the festive ornamental lighting are well developed.

Upon return, all participants completed a questionnaire with proposals for replicating in Edineț city the experience gained.