On 21 May 2022, the residents of Edineț municipality had the opportunity to learn about the first achievements of the project in the first year of implementation, and namely: i) development of the first digital General Urban Plan in the country, ii) the city’s mobility plan and the plan for energy and adaptation to climate change for 2022-2030; iii) equipping the municipal enterprise of communal management of Edineț municipality with modern equipment for green areas management and biomass collection; iv) elaboration of the concept for a new intelligent public transport service, to be implemented in 2022-2023 in Edineț municipality.

At the same time, within the framework of the European Village, the ceremony of handing over the green area management equipment took place, which will help the Local Public Authorities to manage the green spaces within the municipality, will ensure the collection and composting of waste in a sustainable way. By the end of the year, with the support of the European Union, a new public transport service will be created and eight buses worth 1 million EUR will be purchased. In addition, a series of actions will be carried out to improve the quality of public lighting and the living conditions of the inhabitants.

Over 200 young residents of Edineț participated in an interesting quiz, by scanning a QR code, they answered questions about how to pay for travel by public transport.

The project „Edineț – insights into tomorrow cities” is funded by the European Union through the Local Authorities: Partnerships for Sustainable Cities 2020 programme and is implemented by Edineț City Hall in partnership with Alba Iulia City Hall, Romania and Smart City Council, USA.