In the center of Cobani village, on a country road, you may see the „Rural House Catinca”. The house is in the same colors that our grandparents used to make – white and blue as the sky. These traditional nuances seem to carry out a message, from generation to generation „Eternity was born in the village”. Perhaps by this nostalgic call were attracted the spouses Zama, Lilia and Victor in this rural infinity.

Six years ago, the two decided to leave the capital’s agglomeration and move to Cobani village, Glodeni district. This is Victor’s motherland, and in a very short time, Lilia managed to fit perfectly into the rural landscape. Their story began with the desire to make changes, both in their personal lives and that of the natives of Cobani.

First, they founded an association to provide services to vulnerable and disadvantaged people. Last year, they decided to develop rural tourism in the locality. They bought an old house in the neighborhood, renovated it and turned it into an authentic location, to attract tourists to rest, especially since the village is placed in an attractive geographical area.

In order to develop their idea, they participated in the contest organized by the Local Action Group (LAG) “Rocks of the Prut”, where they came up with the idea of building a gazebo in the yard of the house. The plan has been approved and the young couple received funding. In September, the gazebo was ready to meet visitors, outdoors.

Beneficiary of the contest organised by the LAG “Stâncile Prutului” (Rocks of the Prut). LAG contribution: 42 000 MDL, personal contribution: 30 000 MDL, purchase: construction of wooden gazebo, place: Cobani, Glodeni.