17 officials, representatives of educational institutions, partners and other constituents met on 17 March 2022, at a launch event of the project „Involving NEET* youth by developing social and employment inclusive and innovative services ‘InnoStart4NEET’”.

The initiative will contribute to the creation of new social services and to the improvement of existing ones for young people who do not benefit from education, training and jobs and the socially vulnerable young people from the Gagauz Autonomous Territorial Unit.

„We initiated this project after a series of meetings with representatives of the Regional Direction of the National Employment Agency (ANOFM) and of vocational training institutions that have accredited educational programs”,

said the Executive Director of the European Centre „Pro-Europe” in Comrat, Irina Selezneva.

In this context, the project „Involvement NEET Youth through the development of innovative social and employment services in the field of innovative inclusive work” InnoStart4NEET will create conditions for improving existing services and creating new services for education, training, jobs and social vulnerable youth in the region. In addition, innovative approaches and new programs to support NEET young people will be promoted by the Innovation Incubator „InnoCentru”, opened at the State University of Comrat, through a mechanism of vertical and horizontal cooperation between the Public Association European Centre „Pro- Europe”, Comrat, the Employment Agency, the “InnoCentru” University Incubator, the Comrat Vocational School and the Ceadîr-Lunga Vocational School.

The Project “Better opportunities for Young Women and Men Not in Education, Employment and Training in Moldova (NEET Inclusion Initiative)” is funded by the European Union, co-funded by Sweden and implemented through East Europe Foundation in partnership with the National Youth Council of Moldova (NYC), Centre Partnership for Development (CPD), Agency for Regional Development from the Transnistrian region (ARD).

*NEET: Not in Education, Employment and Training