The European Union, jointly with Friedrich-Ebert- Stiftung Moldova and the public association Institutum Virtutes Civilis, have launched the three-year “Partnerships 4 Women Leadership and Good Governance” project with the aim to build the capacities of the Moldovan civil society in order to increase their involvement in governance processes and in changing their communities for the better and to raise the public awareness of the role of women in good governance and of the importance of providing equal opportunities for the participation of women in the social, economic and political processes.

The “Partnerships 4 Women Leadership and Good Governance” project aims to help 80 decision-makers in the Ialoveni, Rezina, Straseni and Telenesti rayons and 20 decision-makers at national level to improve the governance processes through gender-sensitive public policies, partnerships between the local governments and civil society organizations and through other activities aimed at promoting good governance. The project will also develop the capacities of 55 civil society organizations – 45 at local level and 10 at national level, in fields like participatory democracy, good governance and gender equality.

Around 200 women from the rural areas of the country, including Gagauzia and Transnistria regions, who have the potential and are willing to participate in the decision-making processes, will receive training as part of the Leadership Academy ”Women for Good Governance” and intended to develop their leadership skills and encourage them to involve more actively in the public, economic and social life within their communities, as well as nationwide.

Finally, the project will finance 15 local initiatives – partnerships between civil society organisations and decision-makers, which will promote gender equality and good governance. The experience gained during the project will be shared during two national fairs and other large-scale events.

The launch event of the “Partnerships 4 Women Leadership and Good Governance” project brought together the project partners and beneficiaries, including representatives of the central and local governments, local and national civil society organisations, international organisations and mass media.

The project, implemented by Friedrich- Ebert-Stiftung Moldova and the public association Institutum Virtutes Civilis, is financed by the European Union and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and covers the period between April 2021 and April 2024.