In August 2021, the Twinning project “Improving spatial data services in the Republic of Moldova following EU standards” marks one year of its successful implementation.

Within the 1st Component, Sustainable National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Governance established, there has been progress in relation to the development of the NSDI strategical framework – the NSDI Action plan, as follows:

Finalizing the Guidelines on data modelling that can be later fully or partially applied for the development of Moldovan spatial data models*.

Initiating the activity to draft the Methodology on the creation and maintenance of standard Metadata** for spatial data of the ALRC. The existing NSDI legislative framework regarding metadata was analysed with the aim to identify its weaknesses in order to be improved by using the best practices of the EU Member States.

Initiating the activity to draft Recommendations for the data harmonisation which will serve as the framework and technical instruction in the Republic of Moldova and one of the most important steps to align with the EU INSPIRE Directive.

Support in the preparation of the document for the procurement of the new NSDI Geoportal***.

Related to Capacity Building and Awareness (4th Component), the experts evaluated the extensive online training courses conducted in April and May 2021. According to the submitted evaluation forms, the participants expressed their satisfaction with the programme, found it useful for their daily work and showed interest in continuation of the NDSI knowledge building at a more advanced level.

Another thematic activity, the awareness raising on the importance of the Moldovan NSDI, has been launched by developing the draft Communication plan with a set of methods and marketing activities intended to raise awareness and understanding of geoinformation.

* A data model is an abstract model that organises elements of data and standardizes how they relate to one another and to the properties of real-world entities.
** Metadata is data about data and represents one of the basic components of Spatial Data Infrastructure. To properly and efficiently use data, it is necessary to know basic information about them. People collect and use metadata for a long time, while making lists, inventories, and other systematic records of objects or phenomena to get an overview of the collected data.
*** NSDI Geoportal serves as a starting point for accessing spatial data sources that are part of NSDI. It provides the services of metadata collecting, discovery, viewing, and download. By using the NSDI Geoportal, metadata can be edited and maintained, spatial data sources searched, analysed and viewed, information found on the terms of their use, and data can be downloaded for use.