The third group of judges and prosecutors involved in investigating money laundering gathered for a two-day intensive online training course on 8-9 December 2021.

This course, as part of Component 6 – “Improvement of the AML/CFT field in the justice system”, was elaborated by Lithuanian experts from the Supreme Court of Justice of Lithuania, as well as from the General Prosecutor’s Office of Lithuania.

“As we represent the mixture of practitioners and scientists – judges, prosecutors and scientist of Vilnius University – it was a pleasure for us to develop the training materials which constituted a platform for all of us with the active involvement of the National Institute of Justice of Moldova to exchange practices in the sphere and to increase our professional skills in understanding, combating and preventing such serious offences as money laundering and terrorism financing,”

stated professor Aurelijus Gutauskas, Chairman of Criminal division of the Supreme Court of Lithuania, Judge.

The lectures covered topics related to the issues on the qualification of money laundering cases, confiscation of assets – legal regulations and conditions of application, independence and impartiality of judges – the preconditions for a fair trial, as well as peculiarities of criminal procedures.

The training focused on helping Moldovan representatives develop professional knowledge, enhance investigative capacities, and learn new skills.

The EU Twinning project „Enhancing the System of Prevention and Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing in the Republic of Moldova,” which is implemented by a consortium of relevant state institutions of Lithuania, Poland and Germany and by the Moldovan Office for prevention and combating of money laundering, aims to further develop the anti-money laundering/ countering terrorism financing system in Moldova (2018-2022).