Each year on the last Sunday in May, the Republic of Moldova marks the Nistru Day. The Nistru is a river that flows through Ukraine, then Moldova, before it’s finally discharged into the Black Sea.

This Nistru Day 2022 calls attention to the need of protection and conservation of water and biological resources of the Nistru and encourages people to preserve their environment. In 2022, Nistru Day was celebrated through a unique way: creation of National Park Lower Nistru.

The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Moldova, with the support from NGOs EcoContact and BIOTICA, with finding from ADA, implemented a range of activities in frame of Ecosystem-based adaptation, climate-resilience measures, and institutional development in the Lower Nistru project that aimed at preservation of the region as well as creation of the National Park.

The aim of the Nistru Day this year was to gather main environmental protection central and local /regional authorities that will play a crucial role in management and protection of the river and national protected area to discuss further actions and steps in developing institutionally and functionally the National Park.