Under the EU-funded “EU4Environment” programme, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) aims to strengthen the capacity of the Republic of Moldova on sustainable public procurement. This will be achieved through the provision of technical assistance, advisory services and capacity development/trainings to policy makers, procurement practitioners, businesses and business associations, as well as NGOs and other stakeholders.

Public procurement, which represents up to 20 per cent of GDP in Eastern European and Caucasus countries, offers a largely untapped opportunity to drive businesses and domestic markets towards innovation and increased sustainability. Shifting that spending towards more sustainable goods and services can generate positive social, environmental and economic results such as poverty reduction, improved equity, reduced GHG emissions and increased energy and resource efficiency. Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) is thus emerging as a key policy instrument to support sustainable development and leverage an inclusive green economy transition.
Within the webinar from 21 May were presented the key findings of the progress assessment on SPP promotion in the Republic of Moldova since completion of the EaP GREEN project in 2017; presented and discuss the recommendations on next steps of SPP promotion in the framework of the EU4Environment; presented and discuss the draft Governmental Decree on implementation of SPP in the Republic of Moldova.