Sharing experience on benefits and challenges of risk-based approaches took place within the Regional seminar with Eastern Partnership countries on risk-based approaches to environmental compliance assurance. The event was conducted by OECD within EU4Environment regional action on 25 November 2020.

Risk-based approaches to environmental compliance assurance can increase the effectiveness of assurance activities such as inspections while saving resources. The EU Industrial Emissions Directive adheres to this approach. Nevertheless, they also carry challenges such as ensuring that lower risk installations have enough incentives to be compliant with environmental regulations, making the successful promotion of voluntary compliance an important component. The six EU Eastern Partnership countries are committed to transitioning to a green economy and are at various stages of reforming their environmental compliance assurance systems. The European Union for Environment (EU4Environment) Action aims to support their reform priorities with the goal of strengthening their environmental compliance assurance systems and liability regimes.

This regional seminar facilitates the sharing of experiences and good practices from OECD and Eastern Partnership economies in adopting risk-based approaches to environmental compliance assurance, exploring commonly encountered challenges and methods to support mandated and voluntary compliance. In addition to discussing methodologies, it also aims to take stock of the most recent developments and priorities in the field of environmental compliance assurance in Eastern Partnership countries.

Participants included representatives from Eastern Partnership countries, the European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law (IMPEL) and OECD member countries.