On 24 June 2021 the Introductory meeting on the EU4Environment Program Result 4 took place, implemented by the World Bank.

The Republic of Moldova is vulnerable to environmental change. Forest ecosystems (about 11% and forest vegetation account for 13.7%) represent the largest natural capital for agriculture and other human needs, left after the conversion periods. The current financial mechanisms for the forestry sector (e.g. Moldsilva Agency is practically self-financing) are inefficient and need to be revised to ensure the sustainable principles of forest development, including in terms of continuous generation of ecosystem goods and services.

The increase in protected areas (from 1.96% in 1998 to 5.65% in 2021) shows a special importance for ecological and economic stability. National aspirations are for an even greater increase in protected natural areas, and the consideration of the Emerald Network (which revealed the potential for conservation) would ensure better protection of biological diversity and natural ecosystems. All this would create better conditions for the formation of resilient ecosystems adapted to environmental changes, including climate change and anthropogenic nature.

Within EU4Environment the World Bank will provide technical assistance and advisory services to support Moldova in building capacity on four topics:

(1) protecting biodiversity and natural ecosystems (Emerald Network);

(2) promoting sustainable natural resources management, economic development and participation at local community level;

(3) promoting legal trade and preventing illegal trade in wood products; and,

(4) enhancing strategic financing to the forest sector, in order to contribute to better conserving countries’ natural capital and ensuring more resilient livelihoods.