Cristina Scutaru launched a family business in Ungheni 10 years ago. Unfloria provides cleaning and laundry services for textile items, including carpets, as well as sewing services for home textiles. This year, Cristina Scutaru benefits from a grant of 30 000 EUR from European funds under the  EU4moldova:Focal Regions programme.

With the money received in addition to own contribution, Scutaru family will purchase an automatic machine and related equipment for cleaning the carpets. Thus, the company will increase the quality and speed of the services provided, ensuring a 30% water consumption reduction during the cleaning of carpets, as well as 20% energy consumption reduction. In order to reduce soil and groundwater pollution, the company is using hypoallergenic, biodegradable detergents composed of natural ingredients and cleaning enzymes, which makes them friendly to the skin and the environment. The company will also install solar collectors that will produce hot water from non-polluting sources and reduce energy consumption. 4 new jobs were created, employing women from rural areas.