4 rustic cottages with the courtyards thematically arranged according to the occupations of the peasants from Lunca Prutului de Jos, are under construction in Văleni. Thus, 24 new accommodation places will be available in Văleni, nicknamed Satul Colinelor de Aur (Village of Golden Hills). The extension of the boarding house is possible due to the grant of the EU4Moldova Program: Focal Regions provided to the company „RUMIX STIL” S. R. L. within the Current Companies category.
The 30 000 EUR, assistance from European funds, will be invested in the development of the infrastructure of the extended boarding house: equipping of the complex with sewage system, construction of a pool and a sauna with wooden tubs, furnishing of 8 new rooms, purchase of the necessary equipment for adventure tourism and natural treatment facilities. Moreover, the web page of the boarding house www.complexvaleni.com will be upgraded.

The expansion of the business will create 4 new jobs. Eco-Village Văleni is a local social business, established in early 2014 in the southern area of the Republic of Moldova, aiming at promoting the developing tourist region Văleni and the ecosystem of Lake Beleu, part of the first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve” Lunca Prutul de Jos” of the Republic of Moldova. The main sectors of activity are represented by rural tourism, cultural, wine and eco-tourism.

Rumix STIL SRL is one of the 28 beneficiaries of the grants program for business development in Cahul and Ungheni regions.