Technology is part of our lives, and the evolution demand for skills in the labour market motivates people from different areas of activity to acquire new knowledge to keep up with the future trends. Motivated by this idea, 37 people from the Cahul region, including 22 teachers, successfully completed a series of digital skills training courses, thanks to which they developed new competencies in IT. They received certificates of participation and completion, being ready to put into practice all the knowledge gained.

The courses organised by “EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul” in partnership with the Cahul State University „B. P. Hașdeu” lasted two months.

They were attended by women and men of all ages, working in different fields, who intended to develop digital skills necessary for taking things further in their areas of activity.

Now, after completing the courses, participants possess digital competencies that refer to finding and managing information, exchange of personal data in digital format, using various operating systems and applications.

„The course is welcome to all people regardless of their education and field of activity. People who want to become competent and keep up with the technologies of the future need these trainings”,

says Svetlana Bîrlea, professor of the Cahul State University „B.P. Hașdeu”, who attended the „Digital skills” course.

Another „graduate” is Ilona Popovici, professor at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics of the Cahul State University „B.P. Hașdeu”. She attended the “Landing page” course, which gave her the opportunity to take on new teaching practices and develop her IT skills.

„This course allowed me to discover new and useful things, to learn effective techniques for creating this type of web pages, to acquire the necessary skills for developing individually a modern, interactive and attractive landing page”,

told Ilona Popovici.

“EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul”, a project implemented by ATIC with the financial assistance of the EU and in partnership with the Embassy of Sweden, supports, in particular, the economic development through innovation, entrepreneurship, employment in small and medium-sized enterprises outside the capital and offers study opportunities to young people, women, and girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).