The opportunity to work online provides multiple professional opportunities for women in the Republic of Moldova, especially for those living in out-of-town regions. There are no impediments for the 30 girls and women from the Southern region of the country, who are graduates of the “ICT4Women Cahul” programme, to work on successful projects of international companies from their home office. They got their jobs through recruitment platforms and prepared for this day for 5 months. They had several trainings in the field of IT in order to be able to work remotely, and professional mentors have guided them throughout the programme. The graduates of the course were invited to a dedicated event, where they shared their experience with the local community.

The girls and women went through four stages, took practical courses, participated in training workshops and mentoring sessions, and finally developed a CV and applied for remote jobs as freelancers. The participants studied one of the 3 courses: Social Media Management, WordPress / Tilda and Content Creation and Communication.

Olesea Susarenco, participant:

“I have been fascinated by the IT field for many years, and within the project I studied social media management. I chose this course because I am currently working in a company as a photo editor, and I want to continuously advance my professional level. During this period, I learned many new things that I did not know, and this will help me in my career advancement, as well, to be more confident on my skills.”

Mariana Sinigur, participant:

“Currently, I am working in the education field, and this sector is already very related to IT. The project strengthened my skills and abilities, I managed to apply practically several things I learned during the course, and if there will be such opportunity, I will develop a career in the information technology industry, because it is an increasingly essential field in their lives. Remote work is also a convenient way to earn an income, no matter where you are.”

The aim of the initiative is to mobilize women in the Southern region of the country and to give them the opportunity to develop their IT skills, in order to benefit from financial opportunities, regardless of where they are living. In addition to professional courses, the project includes other aspects of professional development. The training programme was launched in October last year, and about 200 girls and women participated in the initial stage, 57 of them ongoing through the practical preparation stage. The „ICT4Women Cahul” programme is implemented by ATIC within the „EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul” project, with the financial assistance of the European Union, in partnership with Sweden.