Information technology is increasingly becoming a key force in transforming social life. Its presence is felt in practically every field, and the in-depth knowledge in IT is currently a great asset for those who possess it. For the teacher Olga Neculseanu, studying IT was a dream come true, which she turns into reality only after 15 years. She was always passionate about numbers, which determined her to become a teacher of mathematics and computer science at the „Mihail Sadoveanu” Theoretical High School in the village of Giurgiulesti. In addition, she also teaches „C Programming Language” and „Web Development”. The teacher gave wings to her dream when she started to study independently different languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP. Later, however, she consolidated her knowledge within the project „Tekwill in Every School”, participating in the training program for teachers.
After the institution was selected in the project, Olga Neculseanu participated in several training programs to keep up with information technologies and pass them on to her students. This is how she helps them to know the professions of the future, being convinced that “We must not educate children for today, but for tomorrow.

When we were selected, I felt the need to apply to various training courses so that I could help my colleagues in implementing this project.
The „Tekwill in Every School” project will provide new skills for future employees who will work in a new labour market, but also the necessary knowledge for today’s teachers.
With a well-trained workforce and strong IT knowledge, we will have new opportunities for entrepreneurship. At the same time, we will help the new generation to develop specific skills, so that they can gain additional skills to the existing curriculum to embrace new opportunities in life.”
„Tekwill in Every School” (TiFS) is the most complex extracurricular course program, in which students study the disciplines of the future (C ++, Web Design, Artificial Intelligence and others). Last year, in its mission to bring the professions of the future closer to students and teachers, the European Union also joined through the financial assistance provided within the project „Eu4Moldova: Startup City Cahul”, in partnership with Sweden and implemented by ATIC. Thus, in 2021, about 46 schools in the Cahul region are expected to enrol in the program.