On the occasion of Europe Day, a number of communities across the Republic of Moldova have committed to promote gender equality as a fundamental European value by writing messages on the pedestrian crossings in 26 settlements throughout the country.
This initiative is supported by UN Women Moldova, UNICEF Moldova and UNFPA Moldova, as a part of projects funded by the European Union aimed at ensuring gender equality, fighting gender stereotypes, and preventing violence against women and children from Cahul, Ungheni, Straseni and Falesti districts.
In close collaboration with the local authorities, 60 pedestrian crossings in four districts were marked with messages about gender equality, such as: “Together we are stronger”, “We are different, but equal”, “Cross towards equality”, “Things can be different. Without stereotypes”.
By writing this message in public places we want to raise the public awareness of the principle of equal rights and opportunities for women and men as an important part of transforming Cahul and Ungheni in gender champion districts, mentioned Polina Panainte, UN Women Moldova, Programme Manager EVA Project “Strengthened Gender Action in Cahul and Ungheni districts.”
In addition, under “Strengthened Gender Action in Cahul and Ungheni districts” EVA Project, UN Women Moldova launched a collage and drawing competition for students aiming to reflect and transpose, in an artistic manner, one of the most important European values: equality.
The competition gathered over 50 young people from Cahul and Ungheni districts, who have attended training sessions about gender equality since the beginning of the year.