Two initiatives dedicated to climate, renewables and efficient energy use in Europe took place in this year in September and October, both marked in the Republic of Moldova, as well, via an online information campaign, as an opportunity to foster dialogue and cooperation on climate change, display success stories and inspire further action.

From 27 September to 17 October 2021, the European Climate Diplomacy focused on zero pollution and toxic-free environment. This initiative was marked in the Republic of Moldova by showing the commitment of the European Union towards climate neutrality and resilience as well as environmental sustainability. The tangible results of EU funded projects implemented across the country contribute to a healthier environment, a better quality of air and water, for the benefit of the citizens.

Further on, the 16th edition of the EU Sustainable Energy Week under the theme: ‘Towards 2030: Reshaping the European Energy System’ was officially marked between 25-29 October, but due to the wide range of events and information campaign dedicated to this initiative, EUSEW lasted beyond the initially announced timeframe. EUSEW 2021 brought efficient energy in the spotlight. Promoting clean, secure and renewable energy sources remain a key priority for EU support to the Republic of Moldova.

Results of EU funded projects in this sector, implemented in partnership with EU Member States, are visible in many localities and regions of the Republic of Moldova. They bring better conditions to children in kindergartens and pupils in schools, as well as involve and develop the capacities of local authorities. Efficient use of energy and a careful approach towards nature and surrounding environment will ensure a healthier future for children and future generations, hence the awareness raising initiatives of this caliber is crucial for setting positive example for community members to reflect upon daily improvements, such as saving energy, reusing materials, recycling and so on.

The EU Sustainable Energy Week 2021 was also joined by the Agency of Energy Efficiency in the Republic of Moldova. The Agency organised an information campaign on show-casing energy efficiency projects funded by the European Union and published several video spots aimed at informing the public about the benefits of adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

All events and initiatives dedicated to the European Climate Diplomacy and the EU Sustainable Energy Week were disseminated in the mass media and dedicated social media channel: