Starting from 1 February 2021, with the financial support of the European Union and Sweden, East-Europe Foundation in partnership with the European Business Association and the Center Contact implement the project „Local civil society contributes to the inclusive and sustainable economic development of the country”. The 40-month project aims to contribute to the economic development of the Republic of Moldova through active involvement of the civil society and other stakeholders, under the provisions of the Association Agreement with the European Union, which include the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area.

One of the activities of the project involves the creation of 15 social enterprises or the development of existing ones, in order to increase integration opportunities of vulnerable groups in the labor market and the creation of solutions for long-term development of communities.

The following project proposals have been selected for funding and grant contracts have been signed on 03rd of February 2022:

◊ „IT skills development of children and young people in Cahul district – Vibe.MD – IT Academy in Cahul” run by Association for the Development of Professional Skills;

◊ “Extending the Angelus Agro social business: mini-poultry and rabbit farm, extended by “Hospice Angelus Moldova” Foundation;

◊ “Rental of equipment and means of rehabilitation, run by INVALIFE”;

◊ “Smart women with resilient incomes”, collection and packaging of medicinal plants run by Center for Socio-Economic Policy Consens;

◊ „Providing opportunities for professional and labor integration of women from vulnerable categories of the population through expansion of the social atelier and opening of additional jobs”, Charity Foundation for Helping Children „Детство детям”;

◊ “Healthy traditions from Credem-Eco pastry shop”, run by Association of Business Women from Balti municipality;

◊ “Capitalizing social entrepreneurship as an opportunity for social and professional integration of vulnerable people”, run by “The Positive Initiative”;

◊ „INOVA BUSSINES – we grow to share”, run by Humanitarian Association „Filantropia Crestina”;

◊ Extending services of the social enterprise „Center of Integrated Services for Rural Households” run by „От равного к равному”;

◊ Children’s Development Center „Всезнайка”, Center for Social and Economic Development „Грани будущего”.

Overall, the social enterprises will create 104 job places at national level, including Transnistria region and ATU Gagauzia and the social benefits of created enterprises will be directed to about 560 vulnerable persons.

The second round of competition was launched on 03rd of February 2022 for selection of 5 more NGOs which will run social enterprises.