As in the whole Republic of Moldova, on the territory of ATU Găgăuzia, there is a low level of awareness amongst the young generation about gender equality, the rights of men and women and the policies pursued in this area. Today’s formal education does not provide information on gender equality and empowerment.

It is in this context that the civil society organisation Youth of Găgăuzia fights against gender stereotypes among young people and promotes gender equality through the project “Equal Involvement – Equal Opportunities”, in the framework of the “Civil Society Organisations Capacity Development” project, implemented by ERIM (former IREX Europe) and funded by the European Union.

The main objective of the project is to inform the younger generation about gender equality and empowerment of women and girls (UN SDG No. 5), because gender aspects are present in all issues related to human development and human rights.
Youth of Găgăuzia started their project in early December and the first training on equal rights was conducted on 14 December 2020. During the training, participants had the opportunity to:

  • talk and learn about equal involvement and equal opportunities for all genders and why this is important not only for women, but also for men.
  • learn how stereotypes and expectations from men or women harm relationships, as well as how social expectations and roles differ, depending on gender.
  • conduct a practical exercise in which participants try different social roles. This helped them to clearly understand how much their rights are being violated just because they are women or men.

The main conclusion of the training is that the openness and willingness to discuss topics that are not sufficiently covered in formal education contributes to the positive development of the young people. Through informal education, exchange of experience, as well as creativity and self-expression, the NGO Youth of Găgăuzia promotes gender equality, while at the same time increasing activism and development at the local level for the benefit of society as a whole.