In February 2020, the LAG “Valea Cuboltei” received a membership application from the neighbouring towns of Pelinia and Miciurin, which boosted the number of LAG inhabitants from approximately 12,400 to a total of 21,400. With the expansion and increase of localities within the Local Action Groups (LAGs),new opportunities in the micro-region have arisen.

The LAG “Valea Cuboltei” provided support for 12 micro-projects through the EU-LEADER Rural Development Fund 2020. The increase in member localities has contributed to a higher quality in local contests and a wider variety amongst the micro-project ideas submitted: “While our first call for proposals was all about developing the area, in the second year we received very diverse applications.

Photo: Natalia Rotari, Manager of the LAG “Valea Cuboltei”

“The local community is focusing more and more on the big picture, supporting ideas which can bring economic growth to all inhabitants of the micro-region, such as waste collection services, street lighting using solar panels, feed processing equipment, just to name a few,” said Natalia Rotari, manager of the LAG “Valea Cuboltei”.