Employees of civil society organisations in the Republic of Moldova have been exposed to additional risk of COVID-19 and high stress levels, due to intensified interaction with their beneficiaries during the pandemic. Services for marginalised and vulnerable people (for example, drug users, sex workers, people with HIV, people with disabilities) could not be interrupted, as they are a lifeline for them.

Employees of the Social Support Center Trinity improve their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing during an art therapy session.

To help civil society activists maintain their mental health, ERIM (former IREX Europe), provided psychosocial support under the project „COVID 19: Civil Society Resilience and Sustainability” funded by the European Union.
The Alliance for Public Health in Tiraspol received such support and it helped their employees to reduce their levels of accumulated stress through an anti-burnout training session, individual psychotherapy sessions, and the installation of a chill out space in the office.
The COVID-19 pandemic has also turned the work of the Social Support Center Trinity in Rîbniţa upside down.
The organisation had to reconsider their usual work schedule and develop new mechanisms for interacting with beneficiaries, such as online consultations.