„I am the director of the farm „Doina Ioana”. We are located in the commune of Antonești, Cantemir, and we are engaged in the processing of agricultural land, obtaining agricultural products: wheat, sunflower, corn, rape, etc. This adventure began in 2000. Since 2000 we have been working in agriculture, processing 1400 hectares at the moment”,

said farmer Ion Doina.

Maintaining soil fertility and ensuring a desired level of production can be achieved with the help of the right farming equipment, which Ion was able to purchase.

The disposal of the old equipment and its replacement with new technology was made possible thanks to a loan from ProCredit Bank S.A., with the support of the European Union, through the European Investment Bank Group.

„It is about a loan of four million lei that as a result of obtaining it, we have equipped ourselves with technology, with a combine harvester from Horshe and a 430 horsepower K7 tractor. We, as such, do not have enough resources to cover the pledge in order to obtain this credit and we accessed the credit because it was possible through the European Bank to reduce the risk of pledging a very large amount. 30% is our financial resources and 70% is from the European Investment Bank,” the farmer told.

Ion Doina believes that agriculture needs a lot of dedication:

„I spend around 80% of my work in the field. That means with love for what I do, for the soil I have, for the crops I produce. It’s a pleasure to dedicate your time to produce something, to do good things.”

The European Investment Bank Group signed its first guarantee contracts in 2017, and through the 28 million EUR guarantee fund, 123 enterprises in the Republic of Moldova benefited from financing on favourable terms in terms of collateral and interest.