Oleg and Mihail are two friends residing in Cahul who are fond of technology systems. They started the “Fortal Security” business under the Hackathon “EU4Moldova Start-up City Cahul”, by which they propose security solutions to education institutions and undertakings from the region.

Oleg Circhelan: “Massive investments are made to renovate the kindergartens and schools on a yearly basis. We would like these investments to be preserved and secured. Therefore, we offer Wi-Fi, video, alarm systems, etc. to education institutions.”

The name of the company is not adventitious; it has been picked up following the long research of the market. “Fortal Security” is aimed to fight vandalism acts committed on playgrounds, those damaging the institution walls and windows, or prevent the access of unauthorised people. During the Hackathon, the young people enjoyed the mentorship provided by the experts in the area of entrepreneurship with the aim to transform their idea into a sustainable and viable business. Over the following year, the two friends would strive to expand their business so that their customers could enjoy many advantages provided by the start-up: save the time, cut down the costs due to the damage caused to some buildings/objects, as well as ensure safe monitoring of buildings. “EU4Moldova: Start-up City Cahul” is implemented by ATIC during 2020-2024, the financial assistance being provided by the European Union in partnership with Sweden.