An agritourism pension will open in the near future in the heart of the “Codri”. Tatiana Mali’s love for her homeland and her desire to help develop the economy led her to bring this idea to life. The entrepreneur says she wants to attract tourists not only with good food, but also with heritage sites worth discovering.

“Transposing the agropension plan from paper to reality requires investment,” said Tatiana Mali. Because personal resources proved insufficient, the entrepreneur decided to turn to Livada Moldovei, a project supported by the European Union, the European Investment Bank and the Moldovan government

Tatiana also added

„Without a loan you don’t make it, whether we want it or not we end up reaching a credit line. We have analysed several projects, loans that banks offer and analysing it, our attention was caught by the credit line of the Livada Moldovei project.”

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