Cristina Marcenco is a 26-year-old young woman from the village of Baurci Moldoveni. In 2017, she decided to start an agricultural business. Initially, she had a plantation of one vineyard share, and today the young woman owns 10 ha. Cristina admits that the work she has chosen is not an easy one, however, if you work hard, you can achieve beautiful results.

„I started the business from a one-share vineyard and I saw that it was very difficult to make it and the prices were very low and slowly, with my husband, we made a project in which we won funds from the European Union and with the help of Livada Moldovei our purchases were exempted from VAT because it was very expensive to bring in the country panels, appliances”,

said Cristina Marcenco.

With the help of the „Livada Moldovei” project, Cristina received a loan of about 34,000 EUR. The money was made available by the European Union through the European Investment Bank.

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