The horticulture industry, one of the DCFTA Project pillars, has been supported through “Fruit Garden of Moldova” Project. Ten secondary and higher education institutions of the country benefit from the funding provided by the European Union, the European Investment Bank and the Moldovan Government to enhance the institution academic capacities and upgrade the facilities.

Three labs of the State Agrarian University of Moldova have been equipped, and a study hall is under repairing to upgrade the infrastructure of the educational and research processes. Circa 2 million EUR have been allocated to this institution within the “Fruit Garden of Moldova” Project, and the works are still in progress.

The Technical University of Moldova (TUM) also received 3,850,000 EUR. The funds have been allocated for the refurbishment of training labs where practical courses of horticultural profile are being taught under the Horticultural Sector Restructuring Project. Overall, nine labs have been upgraded. The institution is proud to show its facilities that imitate the process of thermal processing at a factory, a mini-wine factory and even some equipment used to produce food for astronauts.

Being extremely pleased to work in the refurbished labs, the students have confessed they are better prepared now to respond to the real sector demand. Moreover, the high-level conditions for studies and research created incentives for them to continue their Master’s or PhD studies.

“We have the opportunity to use the state-of-the-art equipment that can do any kind of measurements. The young engineers are better trained and prepared for employment to prove their advanced knowledge and skills,” Dan Popescu, student at TUM Department of Foodstuff Technology, stated.

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