They wish to complete their mentoring program, apply for a job and put their digital knowledge into practice! We are talking about girls and women from the south of Moldova who are participating in the ICT4Women Cahul initiative and following one of the program’s three courses: Social Management, Content Writing and Communication, and WordPress Development. The beneficiaries met at a dedicated networking session with three Tech Women Moldova ambassadors.

The event included a practical exercise during which the girls and women reviewed the opportunities that information technology offers and the possibilities to develop a career in IT. ICT4Women Cahul is implemented in several stages. Currently, the participants are in the second stage, where they are learning to develop their technical skills and participating in practical digital competence building courses. In the third stage, the girls and women will join a training workshop for a freelance career, and later they will be mentored and guided on developing portfolios and registering on international platforms that offer remote jobs.

Corina Andronic, EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul project manager stated

“This initiative is meant to offer women living in the south of Moldova the opportunity to work without having to travel anywhere, to choose the companies in which they wish to work, to become financially independent and to develop a career in the information technology. ICT career guidance programs support Moldovan girls and women in their professional development and empower them to practice an IT profession directly from home. We are in the age of digitalisation, and remote working is a good opportunity to build a career, strengthen one’s skills and become a freelancer.”