1 779 000 EUR financial assistance is provided to rural and urban communities from the focal regions

On 29 April 2021, the EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme launched the call for financing community infrastructure development projects for utilities and local public service provision in urban and rural communities from Cahul and Ungheni, with European Union’s assistance.
Communities or community groups from the focal regions will benefit this year from grant assistance for a maximum value of 200 000 EUR each, allocated from European funds.
Local public authorities (LPAs) of the first level from Cahul and Ungheni districts may be applicants for the respecting financing. The project proposals should meet the following eligibility criteria:
◊ to be submitted by LPA/or group of LPA of the I level from Cahul and Ungheni districts;
◊ to be in line with the financing eligible areas and to derive from strategic local development documents;
◊ to ensure the compulsory financial contribution of at least 20% from the total budget of the project;
◊ minimum 90% of the budget to be invested in performing construction works or equipment procurement;
◊ at least 90% of the final beneficiaries to be inhabitants from communities of Ungheni and Cahul districts;
◊ project implementation period should be of maximum 24 months since the signature of the financing agreement.

The contest participants meeting all eligibility criteria shall be admitted to the next evaluation stage. The detailed conditions of the contest and the Application Guide may be accessed on the web pages: www.eu4cahul.md and www.eu4ungheni.md.

Financing proposals will cover the following areas/sectors:
◊ local roads’ infrastructure (rehabilitation and modernisation);
◊ water and sewerage supply systems;
◊ energy efficiency;
◊ solid waste management;
◊ local space planning and development;
◊ public utility infrastructure;
◊ urban/rural infrastructure.

The project proposals may be submitted by LPAs individually or as a group of LPAs. The Local Public Authority may submit, as the main applicant, only one single project for financing. There are no limits for LPAs to participate as partner applicant, conditioned that they may secure the necessary operational and financial capacities to implement the selected projects.
The call for financing will prioritize rural-rural or urban-rural inter-municipal cooperation initiatives, as well as interventions based on local economic development.
The best project proposals will be identified based on transparent and competitive evaluation and selection procedures. The evaluation commission will select project proposals based on the evaluation procedures and criteria, which subsequently will be submitted for approval to programme’s coordination local councils.
The detailed participation conditions, the application guide and the evaluation criteria may be accessed here: https://sc.undp.md/tnddetails2_1/2262/
The EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme organised on the 6 May online information sessions dedicated to the call for financing for mayoralties in Ungheni and for mayoralties in Cahul. The contest participation files deadline was 16 June 2021.
More details about the activities of the Programme in Cahul and Ungheni regions may be found at www.eu4cahul.md and www.eu4ungheni.md