The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) Project carries out a series of activities related to improvement of communication of the Moldovan judiciary. The activity started with an analysis of the Communication Strategy of the Superior Council of Magistracy and the Guide on relations of the courts with media and public also developed by the Superior Council of Magistracy.

The aim of this exercise was to deliver recommendations to improve these policy documents and was carried out by a team of national and international consultants in the light of various European standards related to judges’ profession especially the Guide of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) on communication with the media and the public for courts and prosecution authorities as well as good communication practices in the public sector. The assessment Report has been presented and discussed during a workshop on 20 January 2021 with the involvement of the national partners and the justice sector stakeholders in Moldova.
Later on, a training seminar was organised for decision-makers in the Ministry of Justice, Superior  Council of Magistrates, National Institute of Justice and the courts. The participants to the training had the opportunity to find out more about the CEPEJ Guide on communication and to expand their knowledge in regard to the methods and means of communication, the importance of internal communication within the judiciary, and about crisis communication.
The participants exchanged views on how to improve court communication with an investigative journalist from “Ziarul de Garda”. The results of this training will be used for the purpose of updating the training on judicial communication at the National Institute of Justice.
The events outlined the need to further strengthen the institutional capacities of the national courts to develop better communication practices, both internally and in relations with mass-media and the large public. In all the implementation of these activities are designed to boost the dialogue between the courts and the public as well as increase transparency of the Moldovan judiciary and public confidence.
A follow-up to these activities will be amendments introduced to the national policy documents in the light of the CEPEJ guide and other European standards as well as trainings for judges and secretarial staff of the courts on communication.